The DWCA have published all seven issues of The Nethersphere, originally produced as an e-zine,  in book format. This publication was edited by us (Roger and Dallas). The DWCA website says of the publication; “Throughout 2015 and 2016 editors Dallas Jones and Roger Reynolds toiled ceaselessly, undertaking research, conducting interviews, compiling reviews, and seeking out… Continue reading

A Wild Time with Katy Manning

  The DWCA has announced they will be hosting Katy Manning, best known to Doctor Who fans as Third Doctor companion Jo Grant, for a special one-day event in Burwood, Sydney. The event will be held on Saturday January 13th. The venue is: The Community Hub, Burwood Library, 2 Conder St,… Continue reading


Welcome to DR Productions DR Productions has been created by Dallas Jones and Roger Reynolds so that fans of Doctor Who, its spin-offs and other similar Sci Fi / SF / Speculative fiction genres, have a place to publish their own works, view other people’s efforts and make contact with… Continue reading