Web Planet Information

Web Planet Information


Web Planet is a place on the DR productions website, where we will put up interesting and / or personal items  that either you the reader ,or we the editors, have found, or posted to YouTube, or other social media / website items (eg Dailymotion, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, podcast) which you think others might enjoy seeing / reading / hearing. It does not have to be Doctor Who or even SF orientated.

Please note: This is a FAMILY FRIENDLY Website – so be sensitive to our junior viewers / readers / listeners with your suggestions. The editors have final say on what gets put up.

Your submissions will go up under Readers’ Choice.

Our selections will go up under Editors’ Choice (with two sub-categories Roger’s Choice and Dallas’ Choice).

To inform us of your personal choices please go to the Web Planet Contribution Form and fill out the details.”

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