Dallas Jones and Roger Reynolds are delighted to announce the introduction of the DR Productions Audio Website.

This is our own standalone Audio-Server website, aimed at providing a more comprehensive vehicle with which we and our contributors can showcase their works. It hosts all works previously available on our PodBean service and new material plus extra features like the ability to make online comments about the audios.

Talking of new material, we have a new audio production venture called “Tales From the Matrix”. This consists of readings of short stories published under the “Tales From The Matrix” moniker, by “The Guardians Of Gallifrey” – a Doctor Who club from Florida – USA. The authors of these stories have agreed that they can be made into audio readings. The first story is “The Seven Doctors” written by David Dietz and he has kindly provided us with a recording of him reading the story. This has been followed by “Culture Clash” written by Laura Dove and read by our own, indefatigable, Darran Jordan.

We also are continuing to provide all these audios (with a dash of visuals) on our YouTube site with part one of the just recently uploaded “Culture Clash” available to view. It will be followed shortly by part two and then over the next few weeks all four parts of “The Seven Doctors”.

Finally, we also wish to apologise for the long break from us, it is mainly being due to Covid. Over the coming months, we hope to bring a regular supply of new material for you to enjoy.

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