Number 3

The third issue of Trap Street has now been out for 2 months, all our subscribers should have received an email giving details on how to obtain it. If you did not get the email with this information, please email us at the address below

If you are currently not a subscriber and want to get Trap Street Number 3, then please email us at the address below.

If you have received your copy of Trap Street Number 3 we would welcome any feedback about it. Again, please use the same email address as below. Please indicate if we can publish your response. In the next issue we would like to start up a letters section.

Number 4

Our fourth issue is still on track to be released in June.

Currently the major feature will be four connected interviews with four writers.

We also plan to have a special extended Astral Map (our reviews section), consisting of 14 reviews, one for each Doctor (Doctors 1-13 and War). Thanks to all the people who have agreed to do a review.

Special Number 2

Currently, we are near completion of compiling all the responses we received from our survey on Series 11. This will be published as Series 11 Survey Results, a second special issue of Trap Street. It will be similar to Trap Street 2017 Survey Results, our first special issue.

If you do not have a copy of Trap Street 2017 Survey Results and would like one, then please let us know by using the email address below.

Trap Street Special Number 2: Series 11 Survey Results is planned to be out later this month (April). Subscribers will get an email with full details on how to obtain the issue when it has been published.

Contact us at –

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