Hi Everyone

We are just about to launch our audio line.

Doctor Who: The Darran Jordan Adventures


We have two stories currently in production.

They are:

1) The Nexus written by Tom Denham.

2) Rainbow Serpent written by Dallas Jones and Roger Reynolds.


The first item to be released will be Part 1 of the two-part story – The Nexus, which introduces our Doctor played by Darran Jordan with his companion Jasmine played by Sarah Guttridge.

Just why are they digging up Jasmine’s parents front garden?

We wish to dedicate our audio range to Lucy Zinkiewicz, well known in Doctor Who fandom, who played the role of UNIT scientist ‘Marion’ in Nexus part  I, but recently passed away and, unfortunately, did not get the chance to hear her performance.

We plan to have this out by Xmas.


Our second item to be released is planned to be Part 1 of the three-part story – Rainbow Serpent.

As well as the Doctor and Jasmine we meet Yingora, an Australian scientist of Aboriginal descent and Joan of Arc!

A rundown Airlie Beach in the near future and Dark Energy experiments in Parkes make the Doctor suspicious.

Release date for this is tentatively set for February 2019


Dallas and Roger


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