“Trap Street” Number Three

Highlights In this edition we have a scoop with a major interview with Dr Niall Doran, the “Scientific Advisor” for Series 11. “The Bard and the Blue Box” an interesting article on Shakespeare his influences and appearance in Doctor Who “Whostorical” an article on History in Doctor Who “Sonic Screwdriver”… Continue reading

Launch of The Nexus part 1

THE LAUNCH OF DR PRODUCTIONS AUDIOS Introducing The first audio to be made available is part 1 of “The Nexus” written by Tom Denham. It is available in a number of different file formats and on various platforms. Go to this link to find out the full details.    … Continue reading

Trap Street Number Two Highlights Comprehensive review coverage of series 11 Conclusion to: Black Holes, what are they? How have the influenced Doctor Who Fiction – The Doctor is caught up in one of the major events in Earth’s pre-history We find out just why the Doctor is an inveterate name dropper… Continue reading