A Wild Time with Katy Manning

  The DWCA has announced they will be hosting Katy Manning, best known to Doctor Who fans as Third Doctor companion Jo Grant, for a special one-day event in Burwood, Sydney. The event will be held on Saturday January 13th. The venue is: The Community Hub, Burwood Library, 2 Conder St,… Continue reading


  Hi Everyone We are just about to launch our audio line. Doctor Who: The Darran Jordan Adventures   We have two stories currently in production. They are: 1) The Nexus written by Tom Denham. 2) Rainbow Serpent written by Dallas Jones and Roger Reynolds.   The first item to… Continue reading

Trap Street One

Trap Street Number One Highlights Black Holes, what are they? How have the influenced Doctor Who The many versions of the animated “Power of the Daleks” are investigated Fiction – A prequel to “The Return of Doctor Mysterio” The twelve haikus of Christmas “Who”    There are two ways to… Continue reading

Vol 2 No 1

The Nethersphere Volume 2 Number 1 Highlights Sydney Doctor Who Festival – behind the scenes with its producer 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who in Australia Survey part 2 Fiction – What if the War Doctor was in “Remembrance”?   PDF format. Volume 2 Number 1 Here To View : Ctrl+Click… Continue reading