DR Productions has been running on its Facebook group, over the screening of Series 11 and the New Year’s Special, a series of polls (33 in total) about  Series 11 and the New Year’s Special. The results of these polls will be published in issue 3 of the free e-zine “Trap Street” which DR Productions publishes.

Firstly thanks to those people who have joined our Facebook group and entered the polls. Those people for entering the polls will go into a prize draw with a chance to win a 13th Doctor badge.

For those people who are not on Facebook, or do not wish to join a Facebook group, you now have the chance to enter the polls as we have gathered them all up as an online survey.

Those people who fill in the online survey (plus all the people who have filled in the polls on our Facebook group) will go into another prize draw to win a copy of the Oct 6-12 issue of Radio Times with Jodie Whittaker on the cover and includes major coverage of the start of the series.

To go online to fill out the survey follow this link


Deadline for the survey is midnight 19th January

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