DR Productions would like to announce

Homage to Delia Derbyshire

(Serendipity strikes again!)

A musical piece by Roger Reynolds

I have always thought that Delia Derbyshire never received the recognition due to her for that amazing Doctor Who Theme. And so I decided to concoct a musical piece, as an “Homage” to her, something embodying that enigmatic theme but using today’s digital technology.

I had been working on the “Homage to Delia Derbyshire” for quite a while, without knowing that 23rd November was “Delia Derbyshire Day.”

That the final version of my Homage was ready, i.e. completed slightly ahead of time, and just happened to coincide with this specific date is, well, absolute serendipity.

As are my compositional preferences, the piece is, at times, multi-layered using concurrent fragments of the theme played against each other using different instrumentation.

It’s best heard (I think) turned up loud with the sound just washing over you.

It’s kinda ethereal – well I think so.

As always – we’d love your feedback at: editors@drpoductionsaus.org

I hope you like it.

Roger Reynolds

There are two versions that you can listen to:

  • Speakers” version
  • Headphones” version

How to Access:

You can listen to either version right here on our website



Both versions also accessible to stream and download on the popular Podbean platform.

Follow the   link   to listen / download

Plus, it is also available to listen to on YouTube, but only the “Speakers” version, with an accompanying video.

Follow the   link   to listen / view

  • Music by Roger Reynolds
  • Audio production by Roger Reynolds
  • Produced by Roger Reynolds

As always – we’d love your feedback at: editors@drpoductionsaus.org

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