The DWCA have published all seven issues of The Nethersphere, originally produced as an e-zine,  in book format. This publication was edited by us (Roger and Dallas).

The DWCA website says of the publication;

“Throughout 2015 and 2016 editors Dallas Jones and Roger Reynolds toiled ceaselessly, undertaking research, conducting interviews, compiling reviews, and seeking out news, fan art and fiction. Their efforts were all for The Nethersphere, the DWCA e-zine that was provided exclusively to club members. Now all seven issues have been collected in one volume, covering the full scope of Australian fandom throughout that time.

These pages contain a wealth of information and entertainment for fans everywhere, drawn together as a labour of love. This volume includes stories by David Harris, Daniel Worsley and Darran Jordan, behind the scenes at a Whovian wedding, behind the scenes on Robert Smith?’s celebration of ten years of modern Who – Outside In 2, survey results, Robert Lloyd’s meeting with Karen Gillan, a comprehensive alphabetical listing of Australians in Doctor Who, crossword puzzles, Paul Vanezis’s report on the Sydney Doctor Who Festival, a concordance of The Husbands of River Song, reporting on Comic Con, articles on the music of Doctor Who, the Forbidden Planet launch of the Target exhibition, behind the scenes at the 40th anniversary celebrations of the DWCA, an interview with Doctor Who comic artist Chris Wahl and much, much more!”

The book is available in both black-and-white and full-colour versions. Both can be purchased now from the DWCA Publishing store:

A Wild Time with Katy Manning


The DWCA has announced they will be hosting Katy Manning, best known to Doctor Who fans as Third Doctor companion Jo Grant, for a special one-day event in Burwood, Sydney.

The event will be held on Saturday January 13th.

The venue is: The Community Hub, Burwood Library, 2 Conder St, Burwood, NSW.  It will commence at 11:00 am and run ’til 5:00 pm.

Roger and Dallas will both be attending and they would be happy if you wanted to say hello to them and talk to them about their projects! 

“Whovians” panellist Adam Richard will also be joining Katy on the day and will be chatting about the Whovians Christmas special, and how hard it was keeping the Twelfth Doctor’s final story under wraps!

Attendees will also have the chance to test their Doctor Who knowledge in the club’s Mastermind competition.

There will be photograph and autograph sessions with Katy and Adam on the day, with all attendees receiving one complimentary autograph token for each guest. Additional autograph tokens can be purchased for $5 each, while photograph tokens will be available for $10 each (or $15 for a photo with both Katy and Adam).

ADMISSION      Adult: $35; Concession: $25; Children under 13: FREE; Family: $60.

DWCA members receive $5 discount on the above prices. DWCA Family members receive $10 off their entry. All attendees will receive one free ticket into the door prize – pre-purchase your entry online and receive an extra door prize ticket absolutely free!

Go here to pre-purchase your ticket online


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