Submission Guideline

Submission Guidelines

DR Productions is interested in receiving original material conforming to the genre of Speculative Fiction ((including SF and Fantasy).

Relevant submissions include:

  • Written works: for example: Short Stories, Reviews (e.g. Books, events); Articles.
  • Art work.
  • Comics.
  • Poetry (within the genre).
  • Video and Audio.
  • Interesting Links to eg: facebook, YouTube etc.
  • Scripts (Video, Audio, Play).

To submit an item, please use the Submissions Form.   

Currently we are publishing an e-zine in the Doctor Who genre and will soon have our first Audio production available.

Contributor Guidelines:

DR Productions is an independent electronic publisher of informative and entertaining articles on a variety of Sci-Fi and speculative writing subjects.

Our readership includes minors – so please be aware that we will only publish Family Friendly material.

We are always looking for good-quality contributions of relevant and entertaining material.


We accept unsolicited material, if it is polished, completed and fits into the tone and style of our offerings: see Submissions Information.

Ideally, we expect that you would have perused our offerings to gain a good idea of the sorts of contributions we prefer.

Do not be disheartened if your first submissions are not picked up. Also, be aware that we have a small editorial team and it may be some time before we can respond.

We accept material for publication by DR Productions on the basis that it has not already been published (whether online, in a hardcopy publication or in any other medium) and that it will be first published by DR Productions.

However, we may, after consultation with all interested parties and subsequent agreement, re-publish previously published works.

Also, please read our conditions of Copyright.

We are a not-for-profit organisation.

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