Trap Street One

Trap Street Number One


  • Black Holes, what are they? How have the influenced Doctor Who
  • The many versions of the animated “Power of the Daleks” are investigated
  • Fiction – A prequel to “The Return of Doctor Mysterio”
  • The twelve haikus of Christmas “Who” 


There are two ways to experience Trap Street:

You can view Trap Street on line at issuu website by Clicking Here.

Alternatively, you can Download a PDF version of the publication (see Trap Street Download Instructions below) NOTE: the PDF is a fairly large file (approx 84MB).

 Trap Street Download Instructions

Please follow the link to get the download Here.

To Download the PDF: Move Cursor to top of Screen – you will see a downward arrow. Click on arrow to initiate Down Load. You may get a message saying “Google Drive Can’t scan this file for viruses”. Click on” Download Anyway”. The Download commences – it will go into your designated download folder.

Best viewing Open the downloaded PDF using Acrobat Reader. Go to ‘View’ select ‘Page Display’ then choose ‘Show Cover page in two page view’

Printing Full Page printing. Open your downloaded Trap Street PDF using Acrobat Reader. Click on printer icon at top of screen. In the print dialogue box, to obtain full page print, click on the ‘Fit’ radio button then print in the normal way.

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