Welcome #2

Some brief notes on navigating our website

In the top right hand corner you will see two Facebook logos, one takes you to our Facebook page and the other to our Facebook group.

Below our logo is the Menu bar where you can: join our mailing list; update you contact details for our mailing list and find out some info about Dr Productions and ourselves

On the left hand side

We have a number of web links from organisations / people that we recommend. You also have the ability to contact us with any query you may have.  You also can submit work to us, and to help you we include our guidelines including size and / or length of submissions. Over time as we change the various links we have on the page rather than just deleting links we will place them in a web links archive.

On the right hand side

Is list of the things we offer. They include items of news; our publications; our audios and specific activities on the web that we as editors find of interest plus we have the ability to provide a link to any web activity that you find of interest and send to us.

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