A New Audio Range

Hi, we are extending our audio output and adding a second range of audios. The name of this range is “Listen”.

These will be READINGS of short stories, by usually just one person. The short stories will be taken from various sources, e.g. Trap Street, Nethersphere and other original materials. Naturally, we will have contacted the authors and gained their permission to use their work before proceeding.

The reading of the first short story in the “Listen” range is Werthan.

Written by Darran Jordan and also read by Darran.

To find out more about Werthan and how listen to and / or download it, you can navigate on our website, go to “Our Offerings” on the right hand side then, under “Audio” to the “Werthan” page or click on this  link to go straight there.

We have a second contribution to “Listen” ready to go in a few weeks so keep an eye on our website to see when we put it up.

In regards our first audio line, “The Darran Jordan Adventures”, we have the first part of our second story “The Rainbow Serpent” just about ready to go and not long after that, we should have the second part (and conclusion) of “The Nexus” ready for your enjoyment.

We also have some updates about our Website and Trap Street


If you navigate under the “Latest News” heading you will see we have added two new items. They are “Doctor Who News Roundup – 2” and “Doctor Who News Roundup – 3”. These are comprehensive summaries, in chronological order, of all the important Doctor Who News. We posted the first one of these earlier in the year. They will now continue to be posted regularly every two months. The next one “Doctor Who News Roundup – 4” is to be out in early September and will cover the Doctor Who news in July and August.


Trap Street Number 5 will be out in October and for our review section “Astral Map” were are after any reviews, preferably of newer material, but if you can put a different slant on a review of anything not too recent (say within the last few years) we would definitely consider it. In particular we are interested to obtain reviews of any of the following things:

10th Season Blu-ray box set; Resurrection of the Daleks novelisation; Women Who Fell to Earth and / or Ghost Monument; any recent Big Finish Doctor Who output; Tenth Doctor Specials; any recently vinyl releases; End of Time screening in US; Doctor Who VR – The Runaway; Character-Options-recent B&M releases; Unofficial Dr Who Annual-1972; John-Levene-autobiography or Edge of Time VR game.

If you wish to submit a review (or article, artwork etc?) for Trap Street Number 5, please drop us a line at editors@drproductionsaus.org advising us what it is you’d like to do, e.g. a review of something specific, or, perhaps, just tell us that you would like to do a review (or article, artwork etc?) but you are not sure of exactly what at this stage.

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